LYNE FIT - Sports t-shirt Women

  • Black micro-perforated
  • Blue
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    • Protects your back from shocks
    • Frees your diaphragm
    • Guarantees a secure and painless exercise session
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    How do I take care of my LYNE FIT?

    LYNE FIT is machine-washable at 30°C with garments of a similar colour. However, be careful as it cannot be put in the tumble dryer, be dry cleaned, or ironed.

    What is the fabric composition of LYNE FIT?

    Lyne Fit is made of Polyamide and Elastane.

    Does LYNE FIT use any electronics?

    No, our products are purely mechanical. The system of tensors and the special, internationally patented, fabric are what stimulates the back and corrects the user’s posture.

    What sports is Lyne Fit most adapted for?

    Lyne Fit is most adapted for endurance sports, ideally running and fitness walking, as well as certain team sports with a lot of running (football, hockey…).

    Can I wear Lyne Fit outside of sports and exercise?

    When you aren’t playing sports or exercising, we advise you to wear Lyne FIT, which is a much better fit for everyday life activities. LYNE FIT will help you adopt a better posture throughout the entire day.