LYNE UP - Undershirt Men

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  • Strengthens your deep muscles
  • Invites you to straighten up
  • Guarantees an optimal posture
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How do I take care of my LYNE UP?

LYNE UP is machine-washable at 30°C with garments of a similar colour. However, be careful as it cannot be put in the tumble dryer, be dry cleaned, or ironed.

What fabric is LYNE UP made of?

LYNE UP is made of Polyamide and Elastane.

Does LYNE UP use any electronics?

No, our products are purely mechanical. The system of tensors and the special, internationally patented, fabric are what stimulates the back and corrects the user’s posture.

Is there an ideal age to wear Percko products?

We have developed a product that can apply to anyone, whatever your age or body shape. It is never too early or too late to start correcting your posture and protecting your back.

Will LYNE UP be visible under clothes?

LYNE UP second skins are so thin that they will remain invisible under your clothes. The Lyne Up range is available in two colours to help you choose the right model depending on what clothes you are wearing.