These bad habits that promote back pain

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Considered the evil of the century, back pain affects or will affect nearly 80% of the population. Several factors may be the cause: poor posture, nutrition, or sedentary lifestyle … What if it was time to analyse your bad habits that maintain these back pains and address them?

What can cause these bad habits?

Back pain is now the leading cause of disability among people younger than 45 years and is the second most recorded motive to consult a GP. Although you have a healthy life, these pains are not always caused by the same factors and can, if they are not treated properly, prevent you to move freely and turn into chronic pain. This is what is more commonly called lumbago..

What are these bad habits?

  1.    Carrying heavy bags

Carrying bags that are too heavy leads to an imbalance: shoulders bend and the body tends to lean forward (if using a backpack) or side (for handbags). We can remedy to this by distributing the load or changing the position. Be aware, however, that the recommended daily weight we carry shouldn’t be higher than 10% of our body weight.

  1.    Sleeping on a too old mattress

The maximum lifespan of a mattress should not exceed 9 to 10 years if you want to avoid sleep problems. Indeed, a mattress can gradually sag for years, which considerably reduces the comfort and can cause pain in your back.

  1.    Wearing shoes with heels or too high platforms

Wearing high heels puts pressure on the joints, which require the muscles of your spine to work excessively. Be sure to wear appropriate shoes when you must travel long distance on foot.

  1.    Being overweight

Being overweight can be bad for your spine and joints. Indeed, this requires you to force on your knees, this leads your ankles to support the entire weight of your body. Eventually it will cause back pain.

  1.    Adopting poor posture when carrying heavy loads

To avoid damaging your vertebras, nerve or a spinal disc, remember to bend your knees and keep your back straight when you need to carry a heavy load. Poorly executed, this move can also cause back pain.

  1.    Poor posture when sitting

Keeping the same posture for too long when sitting can cause pain in the back. It is advised to regularly change position and take regular breaks to relax your muscles.

  1.    Sedentarity

Lack of exercise can have serious consequences on the back and the body in general since it weakens the muscles. In the long term, any effort can provoke contractures. It is by practicing regular physical activity that you strengthen your muscles and skeleton.

  1.    Anxiety and stress

When faced with a period of stress, your muscles contract. Most affected by this are the muscles of the head, neck and upper back.

  1.    Eating habits

It is well known that a poor diet can have serious consequences on health. It is important to have strong bones to maintain a healthy back. Thus, it is recommended to consume calcium products (found in dairy but also in green vegetables) and vitamin D (found in cheese, fatty fish and oils).

  1.   Exposing your back to cold and air streams

Exposing your back and your neck to air currents may produce significant contractions that cause pain. Remember to cover your neck and wear long enough clothing to cover exposed areas easily.