Daily Telegraph

Does it work? Yes, I think so. I found myself more upright in general, without the negative side effects of some other posture correctors. It kept my body in order at the gym, where I have a tendency to hunch my shoulders. The shirts look like your average black base layer, except the tensors and strips over the shoulders, under the chest and around the waist make it ominously tight. The clip-on strap around the stomach adds to the feeling that it’s going to be, at best, snug.
It’s more than snug. The chest straps push up the skin underneath my nipples to reveal never-before-seen moobs. The waistband squeezes up my stomach, revealing roles of fat I was happily oblivious to beforehand. There’s a heavy price to pay for improving your posture, it seems.
As many users have reported, the shirt takes some getting used to. I start slowly, wearing it every other day. This is preferable, as the back muscles take time to adjust to the mild workout effect caused by the tensors. It’s tight, hot, and sweaty to begin with, but I quickly grow accustomed to the polyamide-elastane film around my torso.
Most importantly, as someone who suffers from intermittent back problems, they seem to have cleared up (at least while wearing the shirt).

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