Our Story

QUentin Perraudeau et Alexis Ucko

September 2014

During their Masters course at Centrale-ESSEC, Quentin and Alexis, recent graduates in engineering, team up to find the solution to a problem that affects around 80% of the world population at least once in their lives: back pain.

November 2014

A year of research and development begins for the creation of our first product, Lyne UP.

June 2015

Our website goes live and an international patent is requested, then approved.

October 2015

Our crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter begins! In 7 hours, we surpass our objective of 30 000 euros, and we will end up raising 385 000 euros with the sale of 5000 units across 89 countries, that is to say 12 times our initial goal.

May 2016

Our first customers receive their Percko ! 78% of them would recommend the product to their entourage.

July 2016

Businesses begin to purchase Percko for the well-being of their employees.

December 2016

After only a year of operations, over 15 000 units have already been sold.

January 2017

French distributor “Natures & Découvertes” distributes our products! We are now present in France’s 40 largest cities.

February 2017

6 months of research and development for our new product, Lyne FIT, begin.

September 2017

At last, we are ready to unveil Lyne FIT. It is now available on our website.