Obesity and back pain

Obésité et mal de dos

Back pain is a phenomenon that affects or will affect 80% of the population. This is due to our lifestyles. Indeed, being active or sedentary, everyone is concerned. But other parameters can accentuate this phenomenon. Being overweight tends to accentuate the gradual deterioration of the spine. For people who suffer from it, backache may, in some cases, become a real handicap.


What is the impact of weight on the spine?

The vertebrae that constitute the spine are separated by intervertebral discs whose role is to prevent collisions between our vertebrae. When we are overweight, these discs tend to settle and deform, while gradually causing a deterioration affecting their functioning, this is what causes pain.


What is the impact on our joints?

Obesity solicits also many joints of the lower body. Indeed, when we are standing, our knees and our ankles support our weight. The more we weight the more mechanical damage increases. The simple movements of everyday life can then turn into a real problem.

When overweight, we tend to limp a little and lower our shoulders when we stand. Now it is essential to adopt good posture with a back straight since a bad position at the cervical may cause pain that go down to the bottom of the back.

One knee can cause more suffering than the other one and force us to compensate with the other. This causes a mechanical imbalance of the pelvis at the base of our spine.


What solutions exist against being overweight?

Being overweight can be caused by various factors: a strong chest or a protruding belly can lead to the adoption of some non-optimal positions for the proper functioning of our spine. Therefore, pregnancy or rapid weight gain can trigger back pain.

If this is your case, you should consult your GP who will be able to point you to the right professional for your needs (dietician, physiotherapist, personal trainer…). According to the advancement of your obesity, the use of surgery may be necessary (gastric rings, sleeves, bypass …). Weight loss is sometimes necessary to put an end to your back pain. If you are a long-tile sufferer from back pain, turn to moral support. In addition to weight loss, the adoption of a new lifestyle is necessary and will be beneficial in your everyday life. Back can prove to be a serious problem that affects both the proper functioning of your body but also your spirit. Whatever the reasons for back pain, it is essential to fight against it. Surround yourself with good medical professionals who will give you the keys to end your pain.