Nutrition: First drug for your body

Our diet in staying healthy is important. An unbalanced diet and a lack of sport, lead us to develop more restrictive pathologies. But what are the healthy ingredients?

  • Garlic, is your best ally. Known since Antiquity for its antibacterial and antioxidant strength, it helps you in your digestion.
  • Red berries, like cranberry, are extremely efficient against the aging cells.
  • Olive oil is known for its good fat input but also vitamin E, antioxidant and avoids cholesterol
  • Dark chocolate, enjoy as part of healthy diet, is also full of antioxidant elements which can help you.
  • Avocado is full of saturated fat and reduce cardiovascular diseases risks.

You can find the entire diet list here.


What is the link between nutrition and body muscles?

We have to know that nutrition has a big influence on muscle, articular and tendon pains. Food that acidifies the inside organism like red meat, coffee, alcohol, cow milk, citrus fruits, except lemon and tomato, have physiological repercussions on human body. Indeed, acidification process increase body and tendon pains (even for your back).

Sportsman, have a greater risk to suffer from body (tears, muscle straining) and tendon (cartilage, stress fracture) injuries, and therefore eat accordingly.

An other nutrition fact, comes from the anatomical connection between the digestive system and the organs near the spine. There is a link between our organs attached by joints located on the bones of the spine, rib… When one of these organ suffers from a food excess for instance, this information goes up to your nervous bases and spreads around your body muscles. This process causes muscle pains that we can’t explain. That’s why small intestine and colon disorder will have a painful impact on your lower spine. This explains how gastroenteritis can make you suffer for a couple of days

Lactose or gluten intolerant people are more sensible to lower back pain because of their digestive system high sensibility.


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