Lumbar belts vs Percko solutions

Ceinture lombaire ou Percko

Today, back pain is a phenomenon that affects more and more different populations across the globe. In fact, we spend most of our time sitting behind our screens, whether for business or pleasure.

Televisions, computers, tablets or smartphones have invaded our daily life bringing many advantages but also some constraints, including those that affect our posture. To overcome this, many solutions exists to fight against what is now considered the evil of the century.
The most preconized solution is the lumbar belt, but is it really effective?


Is a lumbar belt useful?

Wearing a lumbar belt (or brace) helps relieve the pain in your back using different mechanisms: reduction of movements that could affect your back, support to the lumbar spine, thereby limiting the camber of the bottom of your back. 

There are different models depending on their shapes and materials. It belongs to the medical professional to decide what kind of belt you need depending on the cause of your pain, your age, your body and your daily activities.


What is the use of a good lumbar belt?

The purpose of the lumbar belt is to support your lower spine to prevent pain. However, you must be vigilant, several brands of belts exist, and not all are equal.


How to wear a lumbar belt daily?

In general, a lumbar belt slips on like an undergarment. Some are equipped with a Velcro system in addition to elastics or direct ties to avoid having to put through the feet.

It is important to choose a lumbar belt corresponding to one’s waist! The fabric has a restraining effect on your lower back and abdominal area. This pressure must be appropriate since some belts will not stay put properly or would apply excess pressure. Moreover, if you consider losing weight, remember to check the size of your belt.


The disadvantages of a lumbar belt

Although lumbar belts were created to relieve pain in your back, they often have few inconveniences and discomforts. Moreover, it is highly not recommended to wear this belt for too long and too often. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that wearing a lumbar belt may eventually cause atrophy to your back muscles since it keeps your muscles from working freely.


Are there other solutions than lumbar belts?

Percko is a start-up created in 2015 whose mission is to fight effectively against back pains. The young company has developed three intelligent clothing with innovative technology to support your back no matter what your activity.



Lyne UP is a smart underwear shirt equipped with a tensor system. These tensors, located in your lower back and your shoulders areas, invite you to straighten you when you start to slouch. Your muscles are stimulated to allow you to recover naturally and effortlessly good long-term posture. Lyne Up is a second skin that is worn under your clothes while remaining invisible.



Lyne FIT is a sports shirt that accompanies you throughout the effort. With its tensor system positioned at your shoulders and your back, it helps you keep a good posture during your sport sessions. It opens your chest to help you breathe better, and its compression effect improves your blood circulation. Thus, delaying fatigue, allowing you to perform longer.



Lyne PRO is a back protective vest supporting you in all your manual activities and tasks involving back solicitation with no wearing time limit. Lyne PRO does not hinder movements, it helps you keep a good posture before, during and after the movement. It reduces the risk of injury, pain in your back and muscle fatigue.