Loose weight to relieve back pain!

Prendre soin de son poids pour ne plus avoir mal au dos

If you have been experience back pain for some time you should ask yourself if maybe you put on some weight! A significant weight gain is often the cause of back pain.

In general, excess weight worsens back pain and increases the chance of having problems. Excess weight has therefore a number of negative consequences:
• The abdominal belt muscles weaken.
• The vertebral column becomes less and less supported.
• We can observe the appearance of inflammations, herniated disks and arthrosis.

The longer you wait to deal with the problem of excess weight the stronger the pain will become. It is therefore necessary to lose weight quickly to reduce back pain.

It is important to change your diet and to practice a sport activity. To do so you must decrease the daily nutrient intake, approximately 1900 calories for women and 2350 for men. You must relearn to have a balanced diet and eat in appropriate quantities for your body type.

Sport activities are essential in order to lose weight. But they must not be rough, so choose swimming or hiking.