Food that can help relieve back pain

Les aliments qui luttent contre le mal de dos

Back pain is generally perceived as an individual weakness, that of a body that reaches the ends of its limits, to the great displeasure of the spirit that is in control of it.

However, the preponderance of dorsolumbar pain in European and French populations makes it an epidemic. In a recent survey, nine out of ten French people say they have suffered from back pain in the past 5 years, while a publication from INSERM reports a prevalence of 17% of the population over the past 12 months. Back pain can quickly become disabling with varying proportions of the spectrum of activities the individual will be able to perform.

It is still possible to get rid of the damage or reduce it through diet. We offer you a non-exhaustive catalogue of foods and food categories that can help you in this regard. Food choices are based on some of their qualities that have an analgesic effect on dorsolumbar bones and muscles.

Good fats

Bad fats have direct consequences on joints with a clogging of veins and muscles. Dietitians recommend cold extracted oils (to be added at the table rather than during cooking) and the fat of some fish.

  • Salmon and tuna

These fish are both rich in vitamin D. They also distinguish themselves by the exceptional quality of their fat (Omega 3 and other polyunsaturated fatty acids), which is useful against back pain, as shown by numerous scientific studies. They are true analgesics and anti-inflammaties.

  • Oils

Some oils have proven to have analgesics and anti-inflammatory properties for the treatment of back pain. These include for example essential oils of wintergreen citronella, rosemary or juniper. They can be consumed with the advice and supervision of a nutritionist or used for massages.

Remineralizing foods

Some foods disrupt our bone balance by causing a loss of calcium thus weakening of the bones with the corollaries of rheumatism and lumbalgo. It is therefore necessary to ensure that our body’s balance is preserved and that calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are in sufficient amount to help cure back pain.

In the same registry, it is recommended to consume grapes, which in addition to remineralizing the body, accelerates the elimination of organic acids.

Nuts and hazelnuts

Like fatty fish, nuts and hazelnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (up to 72% of the fatty acids contained in the nut). They are also rich in magnesium, which is useful for muscle motor skills (contraction and relaxation).

Silicon-rich foods

Silicon is a trace element that is involved in the formation and maintenance of bones, cartilage, among other things. A silicon deficiency is also accompanied by back pain. Most vegetable proteins contain silicon, including whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fresh fruit.

In addition to these foods, it is advisable to avoid processed foods as much as possible. These foods promote weight gain, and both obesity and overweight are among the aggravating factors of back pain. 

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