Is there a direct link between coughing and back pain?

Rhume et mal de dos

Coughing is a common symptom that is usually painless but that can become a nightmare in case of back pain.

Coughing is the reaction to an irritation of the respiratory tracts, it helps eject substances like mucus that can obstruct the respiratory tracts. There are several types of cough and it is important to find the cause and treat it.
Coughing is a common response in many cases like: bronchitis, flu, allergy or respiratory infection, cold etc…

Back pain is caused by a number of factors: muscular tensions, back injuries, herniated disk, excess weight, sedentariness etc…

We can separate back pain in three sections:
– Cervical pain: neck level.
– Back pain: middle of the back.
– Lumbar pain.

Coughing can warn you of a simple discomfort or indicate something more serious. Whether it is caused by a cold, allergies or asthma it can lead or even worsen back pain.

When you cough many muscle in your body contract. Stomach muscles are linked to breathing but also to the back and this can cause muscle pain. It is the same for muscle fatigue, when you cough the muscles stretch and can create a painful strain.

Coughing can be followed by strong muscle pain. In order to relieve the pain it is necessary to treat the cough.