Inflammatory rheumatism (Ankylosing Spondylarthritis)

rhumatismes inflammatoires

With 400 bones, the human body is a formidable machine. From the age of 50, the consequences of body ageing are already being felt. It is therefore essential to maintain a correct diet and to be attentive to the slightest signs and symptoms that may appear abnormal.



Inflammatory rheumatism is considered to be of this nature when there is inflammation of one or more joints, symptoms often related to a so-called chronic inflammatory disease.One of the characteristic symptoms is the appearance of pain accompanied by a loss of flexibility in the joints located at the bottom of the spine down to the pelvis. The person with the disease may have difficulty moving and therefore suffer from limited mobility. It is necessary to remain vigilant on the other parts of the body, ankylosing spondylitis can also occur in the knees and shoulders with the same symptoms.


Who is affected?


What to do in case of rheumatism?

Depending on the location and symptoms, imaging is often performed. It can be an X-ray, a scanner, or a MRI. If you think you are a subject, think about consulting, joint disorders are frequent, it is estimated that they represent at least 15% of consultations among general practitioners. In some cases, and more particularly in the case of inflammatory rheumatism, it is important to act quickly, as these are progressive diseases, inflammation tends to spread by damaging the joints and the cartilage between the discs.