Frequently Asked Questions

All of the questions you ask us about the Percko products.










How to use our product


How long do I have to wear Percko?

It is up to you! Our second skin can be worn every day or just once a week. But the more you use it, the less back pain will you have and more good posture you will acquire. Percko products allow you to adopt the perfect posture all day long no matter where you are: in front of the computer, on the public transit, during meals or in front of the television…



How does Percko improve my life?

Percko helps you feel more confident and encourages you to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.
Percko teaches your body how to get a good posture, only by wearing it. With Percko you will learn to have a good posture by reinforcing your back. You will gain confidence, presence and elegance.



I have back problems, can I still wear Percko products?

By developing our products with the help of health professionals, we made sure that our second skins allowed everyone to adopt a good posture and strengthen their backs.

However if your back pain is of inflammatory origin, we advise you to make an appointment with your doctor.



How are Percko products different from other similar posture improving products?

First of all, the Percko products are the first intelligent second skins developed by health professionals. They were tested on a number of volunteers to make sure the device is beneficial for the back.

Traditional back support systems support the muscles by working in their stead. This effect is counterproductive because since they do all the work, these systems weaken the backs of their users.

Percko does the opposite; it engages the backs of its users by activating most of the spinal column muscles, from the pelvis to the neck.



Can I use Percko while doing sports?

Sure. The second skin will help you adopt the right posture during your physical activities. Our product is made with hyper breathable materials and can be worn even during intense physical activities.



Can I use Percko while driving a car?

Percko products have no negative effects on the driver. On the contrary, our product will accompany you during those long trips and will help you avoid adopting the wrong posture.



Are there any electronic devices implemented in the Percko products?

No, Percko second skins are purely mechanical. It is a combination of tensors and internationally patented foam, which stimulate the posture of its user.




Interview with Percko


Can I wash Percko products in a washing machine?

Yes the Percko products can be washed at 30 degrees.



How do I maintain the second skin?

No particular maintenance is required; just take care of it like you would of normal clothes.



What is the difference between the women and the men’s models?

The main difference is that the women’s Percko have no sleeves, making it a very delicate and easily to hide second skin.



How long did it take to develop Percko?

It took us more than one year to develop the technology used in Percko. We worked with Cogitobio to develop the best technology to help you correcting your posture without you making any effort.



Will anyone notice that I am using Percko?

No! We developed Percko in a way that it becomes invisible under almost every cloth. You can wear at work and nobody will ever notice that you are wearing a second skin. Also, Percko is available in two colours, so you can match with your clothes colours.



Can my 12 years old son use Percko? What about my 74 years old mother?

Yes! As much as Percko fits them, they can wear it. Actually, we made a product that is available for every age. It is never to soon or to late to start correcting your posture!




Purchase, order and delivery.


What are the delivery delays?

We have all our products in stock. You will have to wait about 4 business day to get your product (it depends on where you want to get the product).



Can I order and receive the Percko products from any country in the world?

Percko delivers orders to your address of choice, in any country of the world.