Graduated from INSA Lyon, he met with Alexis during their entrepreneurship master at Centrale Paris – ESSEC school. His taste for innovation and challenges in general made him commit into Percko adventure ! During his free time, he also is a talented judoka as well as a running passionate.
Quentin, / co-founder


Young engineer coming directly from Switzerland, after his schooling at EPFL, Percko owes him the concept of the shirt ! His goal : help his father who is suffering from back pain, and make everyone benefit from his mutual invention with Quentin. Nowadays, he is definitely installed in Paris so a to be entirely dedicated to Percko.
Alexis, / co-founder


Fond of football, Stéphane knows how to use his appetite for competition to enhance Percko’s growth and expansion. The many trips he had the chance to make give him the ability to be the perfect International Business Developper. He also is capable of attentive listening with clients.
Stéphane, / Business developper


Geoffroy currently works in the team for his ending-cursus internship following his studies at EBS, and his taste for adventure made him join Percko. His charism and enthusiasm are his best assets for his position of Business Developper.
Geoffroy, / Business developper


Currently having a year off school and performing internships, Anaïs left ENSTA to join the Percko Team for 6 months. She oversees Percko Connect but is also in charge of social networks. As Quentin, she likes to run in Paris and also is a litterature fan.
Anaïs, / Project Manager – Percko Connect


Adrien joined the team after his studies in design and prototypes. He is currently working on the new project, Percko Connect, and knows how to use his technical competences at best to push the project further.
Adrien, / Lead engineer


He is the latest arrival in the team and began his internship in June 2016 after schooling at ECE. Just as Adrien, he is working on Percko Connect but on the computer hardware and software side of the project. True passionate, he does not hesitate to organize “developper’s weekends” with his friends, when he is not playing boules at Jardin du Luxembourg !
Vincent, / Electronics engineer



Our partners



Notre équipe et nos partenaires

cogitobio-rond-239Cogitobio has helped us create the second skins; this has allowed optimizing the product’s efficiency. This French company has worked for over 15 years on the transfer of technologies from the fundamental research on the musculoskeletal system towards the industrial world. Although fairly unknown to general public it is thanks to their hard work that the seats for the SNCF (railway company) used by millions were made.

Their partnership with Osteobio, a clinic that has more than 60 000 consultations per year, has allowed us to test Percko products on a number of patients.


toptexcube-rond-239Our other partner TOPTEXCUBE is a resources and skills center. Their goal is to accelerate and catalyze the industrial transformation with the help of new technologies. The company was born from the ambition of a handful of chief executive officers and engineers, who believed in today’s potential of the European textile industry.

With the help of new technologies, TOPTEXCUBE managed to make the Percko system invented by Cogitobio a reality.