Alexis Ucko et Quentin Perraudeau
We have spent countless hours with people suffering from back pain to find a solution to their discomfort. Helping them, by developing Percko has been the most wonderful experience for us.
Alexis Ucko et Quentin Perraudeau Co-fondateurs de Percko


The Percko is an undershirt lined with tensors in the shape of your back with the idea of good posture in mind. When you’re sitting up straight, you don’t feel a thing. But when you hunch, slouch or move in any way that’s bad for your back, you’ll feel a slight stimulation in the right direction, letting you know you’ve got to re-adjust. It does this all without any electronics, you don’t even need a mobile app.The sleek design aligns to the natural shape of the back, which prevents restriction but allows users to move around as they would throughout the day.The best thing about The Percko is that it is designed for you to continue to maintain your already existing life style. So if you commute to work, work from home or are simple going to the grocery store,The Percko is right there, and it has your back, helping you improve your posture.


The Percko is the only way to keep your posture straight any moment of the day; that is truly discrete, so discrete that you can put it on under a regular work shirt or dress. The concept is easy: it works as a second skin on your back to help you maintain proper posture all day long.




With help from Techtera, a French textile competitive cluster, we’ve had the opportunity to identify and test the most comfortable and resistant materials. The quality of the natural fibers that we use makes The Percko, light in weight and increases your comfort during any and all of your activities.



In a clinical study conducted with Ostéobio and Cogitobio, Percko shows significant results in postural improvement: an improved posture can be seen in 100% of people who tested Percko.

Percko improves your posture by almost automatically aligning your head, thorax and pelvis. It will give your spine its natural curvature and will increase your posture’s stability and efficiency by more than 35%.
Pol LE BORGNE PhD in biomechanics



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