Cold and back pain

As back pain is largely multifactorial, weather can have a real impact, especially in winter due to cold and humidity.


What impact does the cold have on your back ?

Winter brings shorter days and much less mild weather. This increases the secretion of melatonin by our brain, the hormone responsible for sleep, which makes us less energetic. Although studies on the relationship between cold and back pain are limited, some doctors agree that lower temperatures affect the viscosity of synovial fluid. This liquid present in the joints is responsible for their lubrication and therefore for their proper functioning. We could compare their operation to that of a car engine that needs to reach a certain temperature before operating optimally.


Will I have to go to the sun to stop my joint pain?

Several factors, emotional and physical, come into play in this case, moving to the sun is not necessarily the miracle cure. However, in a sunny climate, you will synthesize more vitamin D, which is proven to be essential for the strengthening and good health of the different bones.
When the weather is fine, the secret brain of serotonin, responsible for our well-being and satisfaction. As you will be in a better mood and therefore more envious of physical activity. People living in a grey climate should be reassured that it is not necessary to change countries to have less back pain.


Some tips to avoid back pain

Obviously, the type of diet we follow has a very important place in the aggravation factors of back pain, in order to easily get better, it is recommended to avoid the abuse of foods such as red meat, fried food, and sugar. Alcohol abuse should also be avoided, as it contributes significantly to dehydration. Drinking a lot of water is essential at any age, remember to remind older people around you as older people often tend to forget to drink enough water. This is really important, because good hydration helps to prevent various, more or less serious ailments in our body. Be careful with the dry heat from electric heaters. Consider installing a humidifier in your home to prevent breathing problems caused by the effect of this dry heat that irritates the sinuses. Find a good hobby for yourself, in other words, the best way to divert your attention to something more pleasant. This often has a real impact on your body and health, when you do a rewarding activity, your brain produces endorphin, which is a natural pain reliever. The hormone responsible for pleasure or thus contributed greatly to alleviating your pain.