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These bad habits that promote back pain

mauvaises habitudes

Considered the evil of the century, back pain affects or will affect nearly 80% of the population. Several factors may be the cause: poor posture, nutrition, or sedentary lifestyle … What if it was time to analyse your bad habits that maintain these back pains and address them? What can cause these bad habits? Back […]

The physical activities good for your back

Avoiding your body when it is suffering means avoiding vital signs regarding your health. Everything won’t get better by miracle, efforts must be done. Harmful pains are chronical pains that don’t let you live the active life you would like to. Making these pains disappear by taking drugs is not a solution. It is better […]

Singers Posture

Singers have two phases of preparation: • Physical preparation: breathing, posture… • Vocal preparation: vocal gesture. The singer’s posture is essential to achieve a good voice. The posture is the first thing they teach kids in singing lessons. Which posture must the singer adopt? • The feet must be spread at pelvis width. • The […]

Maintenance staff and back pain

Prendre soin de son dos pendant les tâches ménagères

Maintenance staff responsible for the cleaning of premises is essential because they help keep everything clean on a daily basis. However the tasks they perform can sometimes be dangerous for their health and leave an impact on their body. The different activities done by the maintenance staff require the use of specific moves and techniques, […]

Reflexology: A way to fight against back pain?

La réflexologie pour diminuer les douleurs de dos

Foot reflexology is a manual therapy for areas linked to organs and different human body parts. This method consists in applying pressure on a specific point, this allows to restart the energy flow, to stimulate or relax the related organs. It does not matter if you experience pain in the cervical or lumbar area or […]