The physical activities good for your back

Avoiding your body when it is suffering means avoiding vital signs regarding your health. Everything won’t get better by miracle, efforts must be done. Harmful pains are chronical pains that don’t let you live the active life you would like to. Making these pains disappear by taking drugs is not a solution. It is better […]

Back pain during pregnancy

Femme enceinte

Back pain are very frequent during pregnancy, over 80% of pregnant women suffer from it mainly because of the body’ transformation. Explanation of your daily back pain during your pregnancy  Most of the time the pains occur at the second trimester and grows worse until the end of the pregnancy. The pain is mainly concentrated […]

Chinese medecine got your back

The current trend of traditional Chinese medicine in western countries is justified by its interesting results against pain. This form of medicine appeared around 1250 before JC. It was founded on the theory of how the human body, in good or bad health, works from a psychological, physiological and anatomical point of view. Doctors try […]

Percko is now available at Nature & Découvertes stores

BREAKING NEWS! Percko is now available in 30 Nature & Découvertes stores nationwide. Try out Percko at your nearest store: Stores List: STORE Adress CP CITY ERAGNY CC Art de Vivre Eragny 95616 CERGY-PONTOISE FORUM DES HALLES CC Forum des Halles 75045 PARIS CEDEX 01 GALAXIE CC Italie 2 Grand Ecran 75013 PARIS RENNES CC […]

Nutrition: First drug for your body

Our diet in staying healthy is important. An unbalanced diet and a lack of sport, lead us to develop more restrictive pathologies. But what are the healthy ingredients? Garlic, is your best ally. Known since Antiquity for its antibacterial and antioxidant strength, it helps you in your digestion. Red berries, like cranberry, are extremely efficient […]

Winter : How to not get a cold

The current cold season makes your back more vulnerable. As you may notice, winter has arrived! Even if some are satisfied with this change of season, our body is constantly attacked by temperature drops. Our back,  the main pillar of the body and multiple function tool, suffers considerable pressure during our everyday life through the weight it […]