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Inflammatory rheumatism (Ankylosing Spondylarthritis)

rhumatismes inflammatoires

With 400 bones, the human body is a formidable machine. From the age of 50, the consequences of body ageing are already being felt. It is therefore essential to maintain a correct diet and to be attentive to the slightest signs and symptoms that may appear abnormal.   Symptoms Inflammatory rheumatism is considered to be […]

Obesity and back pain

Obésité et mal de dos

Back pain is a phenomenon that affects or will affect 80% of the population. This is due to our lifestyles. Indeed, being active or sedentary, everyone is concerned. But other parameters can accentuate this phenomenon. Being overweight tends to accentuate the gradual deterioration of the spine. For people who suffer from it, backache may, in […]

These bad habits that promote back pain

mauvaises habitudes

Considered the evil of the century, back pain affects or will affect nearly 80% of the population. Several factors may be the cause: poor posture, nutrition, or sedentary lifestyle … What if it was time to analyse your bad habits that maintain these back pains and address them? What can cause these bad habits? Back […]

Spirulina, the food of all superlatives

Quels sont les apports de la spiruline ?

Spirulina comes from different species of algae from the family of cyanobacteria, this is one of the oldest plants existing on earth. The first traces of use as food go back to the Incas who had already discovered its many virtues. In recent years, the UN has officially recognized its amazing properties to better fight […]

What is homeopathy?

Soulager le dos avec l'homéopathie

Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician of the 18th century, invented the concept of homeopathy in 1796. All of this is based on the principle of Similia Similibus Curentur (“the like be treated by like”). This medical practice is recognized in France since 1997 by the council of the College of Physicians. Homeopathic treatments have the […]