You will relearn to adopt a proper posture.

After spending some time in a sitting position, we tend to slouch.

In this wrong position, you do not feel the pain right away, even though this position has a harmful impact on your back.

Did you know that you spend on average 9.5 hours per day in a sitting position? Don’t wait for the pain to strike, to react and adopt the right posture.

Our products have been developed by an osteopathic clinic and have been created to give you the perfect posture no matter where you are. Percko second skin products are so thin that they are invisible under your clothes; this is achieved by selecting materials that combine lightness and natural fibers.

How do our products work? It is quite simple. As soon as you start slouching, our products will react and stimulate your back, helping you to straighten it.
But when you keep your back upright, the second skin does not react and you can enjoy a very comfortable and hyper-breathable material.

By concentrating on the moments when the back is stimulated in an obvious manner, we forget the moments when we do not think about our posture. Percko guarantees a perfect posture throughout the day .
François STEVIGNON Physiotherapist and osteopath
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We have the second skin that is right for you.


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